FAQ of Marshmallow

What cause marshmallow stickiness?
A: Excessive glucose, sugars reducing, solids too low etc.

Q: What cause marshmallow stickiness?
A: High glucose content, low amount of sugar and solids can make marshmallow sticky.

Q: Why there is mold in marshmallow´╝č
A: Low solid level, inappropriate packaging and spoiling of gelatin can lead to mold formation in marshmallow.

Q: What kind of factors will affect aerated confectionery quality?
A: Quality of confectionery depends on the quality of used whipping factor, air exposure level, proportion of glucose syrup and sugar and also precise temperature during whipping.

Q: Why marshmallow has rubbery texture?
A: Excess gelatin level and application of high viscosity syrup can contribute to rubber like content of marshmallow.

Q: Why marshmallow is sweep?
A: Decreased amount of solid content and sugar level, additional glucose content and application of inappropriate gelatin can make marshmallow sweep.

Q: Why it is dry out of marshmallow?
A: Inadequate glucose or low sugar content can make marshmallow dehydrated.

FAQ of Gummy

Q: Why the gummy is too soft?
A: Gummy becomes excessively soft in case its gelatin content is low or its viscosity level is less. Inclusion of acid, degradation of gelatin under wrong temperature and low solubility of gelatin can also contribute to soft texture of gummy.

Q: What cause the moulding starch sticky to gummy?
A: Excess moisture content or inappropriate temperature of molding starch can raise adhesiveness of gummy.

 What cause the gummy graining?
A: Inappropriate amount of glucose syrup, presence of higher level of lactose or dextrose and minimal solid content can cause crystallization of gummy.

Gummy is too soft

One of our clients was dissatisfied over excessive softness of the gummy that he manufactured.

Questions Analysis:
1, Low viscosity content of used gel.
2, Amount of gelatin added was not adequate.

Our solutions:
1, We advised to include 220 Bloom gelatin;
2, Customer was told to keep an eye on complete solubility of gelatin, to maintain precise level of temperature during degradation of gelatin and inclusion of acid.

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